With the first post I thought it was only fair to let you know why Your Planning Angel has been created and who I am; the person behind the brand.

By the way, that is me above looking a little odd. I hate having my photograph taken so they always look a bit like that.

You can read more about me, Mary Cushen, on my about page but here are a few things I don’t mention on there:

  • I am a mother of twin girls (non-identical).
    • Surprisingly, I started my first business when they were almost three and worked full time.
  • My husband was my first and last love (been together over 20 years now).
  • I love pasta and rice but not a fan of pork or mash potato.
  • Given the option, I will always select organic and natural over price.

One thing about me that always takes people back is that I don’t like weddings.

OK, so you might be thinking why the hell are you in the wedding industry then, but let me explain. I started in project management, finance and business analysis; racking up twenty years of experience. Although I liked what I was doing, I didn’t love it and did not have the freedom I wanted to spend time with our girls.

Doing what I do best, I did some mind-mapping and mapped out what would be the best option for me. Believe me, I questioned it when it came down to a wedding planner. However, I knew I trusted my skills and analysis so thought I’d try. I have never looked back.

Although I don’t have a love for weddings, I love managing and coordinating projects. The passion to succeed and always over-deliver. But most importantly, my love for helping others. Being able to help someone have the day (or weekend) of their dreams is an honour. I focus on the couple, their desires, their needs. My client experience is second to none.

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My first business, Mary Cushen was created.

The focus for Mary Cushen is all about the full planning cycle; start to finish, management and design. I changed to focus on marquee and dry hire weddings as it allowed me to add more value than most planners due to my extensive experience in project management. This is still the focus with Mary Cushen so if you are looking for full planning or extended wedding day management, pop over there and take a look.

I took a step back recently to revisit my progress and what I wanted to achieve. Yes, I had more freedom. I was doing something I loved and feeling honoured I was able to be part of so many couples special day. However, I had missed one thing.

To make my services available to all.

I had a modest wedding. The one thing I really needed was support. I didn’t want to sacrifice key items but I wasn’t in a position to spend half my budget on getting professional advice. In the end, I got there, but it would have been a lot easier with some professional help.

Your Planning Angel is not a new company. I acquired it back in April 2018 and merged it with Mary Cushen as, at the time, I thought that was the best approach. Now I know that I want to help as many people as I can, Your Planning Angel is back but for those who like me, need a little support and guidance at a reasonable cost. A modest budget shouldn’t mean you cannot have the support you need.

Focusing on four key services, Your Planning Angel aims to bring support to every couple.

  • Basic on-the-day coordination, fixed at £350 (any travel costs are additional but discussed beforehand).
  • Pay-per-hour to get the support you need when you need it, at £50 per hour.
  • Wedding websites to keep all your guests up-to-date, from £200.
  • Planning packs where you pick the information you need at £10 per five documents.

I want everyone to know if they need help, they can get it.

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